Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Bachelor's Grocery List

Do you despise cooking, don't have time to cook, or flat out have no idea how to cook? You are not alone, you are most likely a bachelor or young professional not lucky enough to have someone at home to cook your clean and nutritious meals for you. When you go to the grocery store, do you think quick, easy, and cheap? I do...and here are my grocery store "staples" and explanation of why they are a staple and what is good (or bad) about them.

1) Skim, 1%, or 2% Milk - 1 gram of protein per ounce

2) Eggs - Learn how to seperate egg whites out or just purchase liquid egg whites

3) Whole Wheat or Multi-grain Bread - look for high fiber breads and be sure they do not contain HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)

4) Special K Protein Plus cereal - tastes horrible alone so you'll need #'s 5, 6, or 7 but each serving contains 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per serving

5) Special K Red Berries cereal - mixes amazingly with #4. A little high in sugar, but you only need a tad to sprinkle on top of your protein cereal for taste

6) Bananas - Nothing is better than a banana in cereal and if you don't know about the other tremendous qualities of the banana I'm not gonna tell ya!

7) Blueberries - 2nd best tasting fruit in cereal plus they are LOADED with free-radical destroying antioxidants

8) Chunk Light or Albacore Tuna in water - tons of protein, but high in sodium too

9) Lo-fat mayonaise - to mix with that tuna...go easy with it though

10) Low sodium deli turkey breast - anyone can cook a sandwich

11) 2% swiss or provolone cheese - to go with that turkey or tuna

12) Skippy Natural Peanut Butter - MY #1 FAVORITE! Best tasting PB on the market...and it's all natural!

13) Chicken breasts - it's not cooking if you have a Foreman Grill

14) Microwave in Bag Mixed Veggies - So easy, so nutritious

15) Lean Pockets - I get a ton of slack for eating these, but in a pinch they are a decent high protein mini-meal. Don't abuse them, because they are loaded with preservatives and sodium.

16) Yogurt - My favorite brands are Rachel's, or one of the high protein Greek brands Chobani or Oikos (slightly more expensive, but worth it)

17) Unsalted Almonds or Walnuts - toss a few in your yogurt and enjoy a perfect night time snack

18) Baby Carrots - perfect nutitious snack or side to your sandwich

19) Green Tea - high in antioxidants; helps lower cholesterol and burn fat

20) Apples - no comment necessary

21) Zone Bars or Clif Builder's Bars - Not so cheap, but these high protein meal replacement bars are great pre or post workout

What are some of your "staples" and why? Please comment.


  1. I keep lots of whole grain pasta and brown rice (precooked - Trader Joes has it in the freezer section) on hand. Throw in some frozen veggies, camparai tomatoes or whatever you have on hand! Low sodium marina (no sugar added), olive oil and the combinations are endless!

  2. hey thanks alot, this list is amazing and cheap too. i was able to think of many of things while in the store that i wanted but just couldn't think of. thanks again, keep up the good work.

  3. best list i have found so far. Thanks!

  4. 7 Leagues Tequila Blanco, Maker's Mark Kentucky Bourbon, a nice bottle of Pinot Noir, Cherry Garcia and Chips Ahoy!

  5. case of Sapporo tall boy beers.Two bottles of Italian dry Red wine - if you can't drink it, you can't cook with it. Balsamic vinegar and canola olive oil mix with added omega fats , green peppers (red and yellow too if you want to spend another dollar) chop them in chunks and use them as munchies. They're delicious. Same with canned chic peas - wash thoroughly salt lightly- a handful with a chunk of green pepper will do if you are rushed in the AM. Unpasteurized cream honey with a bag of raw fresh cinnamon powder, black strap molassas and chocolate cocoa powder - brown rice powder mix for a protein drink in the AM. Not expensive and well worth it especially when you find yourself between pay days.